ФОТО: Не можела да најде венчаница, па невеста пред свадба ослабела 50 килограми - исфрлила само една намирница

Невестата која се плашела дека нема да ја собере во венчаницата која ја посакувала исфрлила една намирница од својата исхрана и успеала да ослабе повеќе од 50 килограми.

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Results happen overtime, not over night. Work hard, stay consistent, be patient & believe in yourself. Never quit! If you stumble get back up! What happened yesterday no longer matters. Today is a brand new day & a fresh start. What are you going to do with your day? Set a goal & smash it! Then be proud of yourself for doing it. It’s all about baby steps and progress not perfection. Let’s set goals together & kick PCOS in the butt one Cyster at a time  Let me know if you have a daily or weekly goal you set for yourself. Always make sure ur goals are realistic & obtainable. Do you aim to do a workout each day? Drink a certain amount of water? Eat certain foods or amounts of meals? Go to sleep at a certain time? Or even allow time for rest & you time. Goals are limitless I’d love to know yours! Xx

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Триесетгодишната Австралијанка Кајли Мулаки од околината на Сиднеј, се пофалила на Инстаграм со фотографија пред и потоа на која е буквално непрепознатлива.

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First selfie with my new iPhone  . Happy Hump Day! It’s heating up here in Australia. Summer is just around the corner. Wooohooo  . I have ALWAYS been a beach girl. It was so hard for me when I was bigger. PCOS & my weight literally took over & controlled my mind & body. I gave up & let it win . Because of that I no longer enjoyed the things that made me the most happy I was so ashamed & embarrassed. I stopped getting in the water because I didn’t want people to see me. I always wore baggy clothes. I kept my towel as close to the water as possible. I strategically tried to plan my water entries & exits. I tried to find empty places where no one could see me & just genuinely tried to avoid going at all. . But what kind of a life is that. Avoiding the things you once loved so much. I turned down so many fun times like surf camp with my siblings, days out on the boat with my family, beach days with friends, trips to water parks, an expensive gift voucher of swimming with dolphins that I let expire on purpose. The list goes on. I missed out on a lot. It’s so sad now I think about it  . I cannot believe today Im sharing a full body selfie & in a freakin bikini! I have gone from the girl hiding in all the clothes to the girl that As soon as the suns out I’m taking them off & heading straight for the water. No hesitations, no doubts. Just living & loving life! I’m back doing what I love & it’s honestly the best feeling. . I know you should love yourself no matter what size & shape you are. I know you shouldn’t care what others think of you. I know you should just do what makes you happy. But that’s the thing....I was not happy. I knew I wasn’t healthy, I knew if I wanted to be happy again I needed to do something about it. I wanted the old me back. It wasn’t fun sitting on the sidelines missing out watching everyone else have fun. . I’m so happy now that I’m healthier. My mental health & happiness is so much more important. I’m glad I decided to make that change for a healthier happier me. Kicking PCOS in the butt one day at a time & taking my body back 

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Во најтешката фаза имала 120 килограми, за на крај во 2019 година да се омажи во фустан со големина 8, кој одговара во европска големина 38.

Уверена е дека за тоа допринело исфрлувањето на само една намирница од исхраната, иако во меѓувреме се посветила на вежбањето.

Клучот за загубата на килограмите вели е исфрлувањето на млечните производи.

На денот на свадбата сите нејзини тетки плачеле и рекле дека изгледа прекрасно.

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Happy Birthday Husband  I love you 

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